How does it work?


When buying a PlayCheap gaming box, you will receive a random game key. It is a surprise, right after the payment, you will know which title you have. All our products are digital, you will not receive any physical/box game.

How do we handle the stock?

80% of our games have the same value or a bit less than the price that you pay.
20% of our games have a high value, from 6x to 15x times the value of the original game.

The chance to have the first possibility is 8x times higher than the second option. With the margin generated with the first option, we can offer amazing games.

You can try your luck and win a game which costs 10 times the buying price. There is no loser, you will always receive a game.


When you order on, you have a 5% chance to win a 100€ voucher for future purchases. At the end of each month, one winner is randomly chosen. He/she is contacted via the email given during a purchase. If the winner does not answer, a new winner will be picked.

It is very important for us to be specific as we do not want to lie and sell a fake service like some competitors do. Our team is always available for any suggestion or inquiry regarding our games.