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PlayCheap Affiliation How does it work?

Would you like to promote our products on your website, blog or social media pages? Become an affiliate and earn money for each gaming box sold.

You earn 10% of the end-user price when a customer buy his first box through your affiliate link. For future purchases of the same clients, for period of one year, you earn commission on the sales even if the customer does not use your tracking link.

Our affiliate back-office provides you all the media and marketing contents in order to optimize your revenues. You will be able to find videos, banners and tips for increasing your sales.

PlayCheap is a new concept, and it is very appreciated by players. We have a high conversion rate, 25% of your visitors will buy a gaming box

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To become a partner, you must have a company status and be able to provide an invoice to receive your payments. If you do not have a company, you can redeem your balance for gaming box.

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